Be Gay Do Crime

“For Quincy Brinker, who, by disrupting the talk of yet another washed-up academic trying to write Marsha and Sylvia out of Stonewall, reminded us that not even the dead will be safe if our enemy is victorious.

For Feral Pines, last seen by some of her friends throwing rocks at police, by others in an assembly plotting psychic warfare against the fascists, and by others dancing and then defacing some fascist insignia in the moments before her death.

For Chris Chitty, who would surely use this opportunity to insult the insulters while transmitting some brilliant insight about where we have been and where we are going.

For Ravin Myking, whose beauty caused the pastor of a homophobic megachurch to froth at the mouth and declare the arrival of wolves to hunt his sheep, and caused the sheep to fall to the ground, speaking in tongues and praying for their absent god.

For Scout and the fires of memory.

For Vlad, ai ferri corti!

For all our friends on the other side, we present these reflections.”


Download: mary-nardini-gang-be-gay-do-crime.a4

Burn the Bread Book


“Industry is a clear authority and anarcho-communist theory
is completely oblivious to that. Anarcho-communism is nothing more than an attempt to reform the tyranny of civilization
to give it a sly smile. It’s the anarchist version of Barack Obama
promising change but just delivering more of the same and expecting you to celebrate it.”


Download: Burn-The-Bread-Book-Imposed

Another Word For White Ally is Coward

“The fear that we would like to critique here is the fear of forming one’s own opinion, the fear of developing one’s own analysis and then acting upon it. We do find fault in this fear of the White Ally. To be a White Ally is to stop thinking for one’s self, to blindly follow a leader based on no other criteria than their identity. At least this is what is demanded of us by those who would make us into Allies.”


Download: Another_Word_For_White_Ally_Is_Coward


Let’s Become Dangerous: For the Diffusion of the Black International by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

“No, our burned banks are not a way of protest or a token of friendship and solidarity with the “poor person” who does nothing and sits on his couch. It is a way to express our “I”. An “I”, that wants to stand out from the herd of slaves, an “I” that does not bow the head down, an “I” not waiting for the crowd to revolt, an “I”, which claims his own name, his own “acronym” and does not hide behind anonymity. The meeting time of the revolted ‘Egos’ takes up the name that we give to it. Its name is FAI and it is our “we”. A collective “we”, armed with razors against our enemies.”


Download: Lets-Become-Dangerous

The Sun Still Rises

“We believe that the concept of the anarchist urban guerrilla isn’t a separate identity one assumes only while engaging in armed attack. Rather, we feel it’s a matter of merging each person’s private and public life in the context of total liberation . We arnt only anarchists when we throw a Molotov at a riot police van, carry out expropriations, or plant an explosive device. We’re also anarchists when we talk to our friends, take care of our comrades, have fun, and fall in love . We aren’t enlisted soldiers whose duty is revolution. We are guerrillas of pleasure who view the connection between rebellion and life as a prerequisite for taking action.”


Download: the-sun-still-rises-imposed

Why Break Windows

“And this is where the anarchist reaction diverges from the simple reaction. As anarchist, we take things further. We are radical, rebellious, iconoclastic, nihilistic individuals who’s only goal is the destruction of which destroys us. Capitalism, White Supremacy, Patriarchy, all of these apparatuses of domination that aim to control us, that expect us to submit. They are not met by a simple proclamation of againstness but a swift and decisive action that not only proclaims but shocks those in power. From the simple smashing of windows to the placement of a bomb or the robbing of the bank our actions are heard and felt rather than ignored and treated as everyday life.”


Download: Why-Break-Windows

I Am Also A Nihilist

“I don’t care whether it is Nordic or Oriental, nor whether or not is has a historical, political, practical tradition, or a theoretical, philosophical, spiritual, intellectual one. I call myself a nihilist because I know that nihilism means negation.

Negation of every society, of every cult, of every rule and of every religion. But I don’t yearn for Nirvana, any more than I long for Schopenhauer’s desperate and powerless pessimism, which is a worse thing than the violent renunciation of life itself. Mine is an
enthusiastic and dionysian pessimism, like a flame that sets my vital exuberance ablaze, that mocks at any theoretical, scientific or moral prison.

And if I call myself an individualist anarchist, an iconoclast and a nihilist, it is precisely because I believe that in these adjectives there is the highest and most complete expression of my willful and reckless individuality that, like an overflowing river,
wants to expand, impetuously sweeping away dikes and hedges, until it crashes into a granite boulder, shattering and breaking up in its turn. I do not renounce life. I exalt and sing it.”

Download Link: I-Am-Also-A-Nihilist

Moments of Freedom

“I imagine the moments of insurrection, where capitalist time ceases to exist and every second feels like hundreds of years. I recall the sound of glass shattering and sirens going off in the distance as the cops are unable to tame a crowd which has become ungovernable.  ”


Download: Moments of Freedom


Becoming Animal: My Feral Individualism

“Caught in this schismatic abyss, I find myself compelled towards a practice of individualism. Why individualism, rather than collectivism? My body is often found within the machinery of Leviathan which is that collective known as society. The ultra­left collectivists and supporters of communisation would whisper in my ear that I am duty bound to the means­-of­-production of Leviathan and would seek to draw me into their economic-­politics. But I’d say that projects, such as Tiqqun and others, which seek to synthesis communisation theory with anarchist praxis, are little more than bad
faith preachers, as they locate freedom exclusively within the domain of society and deny the immediate power and freedom of their flesh.”

Download: Becoming-Animal_-My-Feral-Individualism

I Don’t Bash Back I Shoot First

First, let’s clear a few things up: Bash Back! is dead—old history. We’re all still fucking its corpse, totally disinterested while the filthy body falls apart, starting to smell. Whatever. Here’s the real point: if at the moment of BB!’s disappearance this queer virus fails to spread, if we aren’t proliferating terribly, then we’re kidding ourselves, calling what we experienced a death (despite our nihilist woo-woo-insurrecto fantasy’s)—if this is our case, then what we chose was to survive things as they are, making our peace~ even with our noted bad attitude. Doing-Being Assimilation, by other means. And that’s cool, right? Jay/ kay~<3lulz<3~Fuck You, Fuck That Shit. If you’re making your peace, we were enemies from the start—Get fucked. For whoever is still insatiable: your glee, hatred and friends are waiting; so get your shit together and begin again. Crazy insurrecta-bitches had it right— but once or twice “affinity groups” are cheap shit—let’s get it constant. Some of us were stepping to that shit before the first convergence, and some of us have been rolling hard since, licking our lips at that “War” in Social War. Here are a few of our notes.



Download: anonymous-i-don-t-bash-back-i-shoot-first.a4